Vicky Kumar Mahto Jila Adhyaksh

Jan 14, 2024 - 00:39
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Vicky Kumar Mahto Jila Adhyaksh
Vicky Kumar Mahto Jila Adhyaksh
Vicky Kumar Mahto Jila Adhyaksh
Vicky Kumar Mahto Jila Adhyaksh
Vicky Kumar Mahto Jila Adhyaksh
Vicky Kumar Mahto Jila Adhyaksh
Vicky Kumar Mahto Jila Adhyaksh

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Vicky Kumar Mahto , the esteemed District President of the Congress Party in Jharkhand. He has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the principles of the party and has been a true advocate for the welfare of the people in our district.

Under his dynamic leadership, the Congress party in our district has witnessed significant strides in fostering inclusivity, promoting social justice, and addressing the pressing issues that concern our community. His dedication to serving the people and advancing the party's values is truly commendable.

We are confident that vicky kumar mahto will continue to inspire positive change, strengthen party unity, and work tirelessly towards the betterment of our district. His leadership exemplifies the spirit of the Congress party, rooted in democratic values, secularism, and the empowerment of every individual.

We look forward to witnessing vicky kumar mahto continued success and contributions to the growth and progress of both the Congress party and our district. Together, we strive for a more equitable and prosperous future for all."

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The term "Congress Party" is commonly associated with several political parties around the world, but it is most frequently used to refer to the Indian National Congress (INC) in India. Here's an overview of the Indian National Congress


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Summary of Qualifications

Good experience in politics with extensive knowledge of political activities

Sound knowledge of koy issues facing local government and the national party policy Thorough knowledge of the issues involved when working within a inulti-racial community Exceptional knowiesige of a local authority's Internal foanagement arrangements Including budgetary processes

Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills Excellent leadership, management and motivational skills Great ability to identify and deal with complex problem

Academic Qualificataun



Diploma Haryana (2016)

Graduation Bokaro Steel City College (2020)

How Connect with Vicky Kumar Mahto

Mobile Number- +91- 8210101200

Gmail Id-

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