MGM Medical College & Research Centre, Jamshedpur.

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MGM Medical College & Research Centre, Jamshedpur.
MGM Medical College & Research Centre, Jamshedpur.

MGM Medical College & Research Centre, Jamshedpur :

MGM Medical College & Hospital, also known as Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College & Hospital, is a medical institution located in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. It is a government-run medical college and hospital that provides medical education and healthcare services to the people of the region. Here are some key points about MGM Medical College & Hospital: 

Location : 

MGM Medical College & Hospital, Jamshedpur

Dimna Road, Hill View Colony, Mango, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831020.

  1. History: The college was established in the 14th November 1961. It was initially affiliated with Patna University but it affiliated by Kolhan University Chaibasa since 2010.

  2. Courses Offered: MGM Medical College offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in various medical disciplines, including MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) through National Eligibility & Entrance Test (NEET) conducted by NBE, MD (Doctor of Medicine), MS (Master of Surgery), and other diploma and certificate programs.

  3. Hospital Services: The associated hospital, MGM Hospital, provides medical services to the local community and serves as a teaching hospital for medical students. It offers a wide range of medical and surgical specialties, including outpatient and inpatient care. Presently with the capacity of 540 beds, MGMMCH offers its patients services of qualified doctors and trained paramedical staffs.

  4. Affiliation: The college was affiliated with Vinoba Bhave University, which is a prominent university in Jharkhand.

  5. Recognition: MGM Medical College is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

  6. Infrastructure: The college and hospital have infrastructure and facilities necessary for medical education and patient care, including classrooms, laboratories, library, and modern medical equipment.

The infrastructure of MGM Medical College & Hospital, like most medical colleges and hospitals, is designed to support medical education, research, and the provision of healthcare services. Here are some common components of the infrastructure you might find in such an institution:

  • Classrooms: The college typically has classrooms equipped with audio-visual aids for lectures and interactive teaching sessions.

  • Lecture Halls: Larger lecture halls are used for conducting lectures for a larger number of students.

  • Laboratories: Medical colleges have various laboratories for practical training in subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, and others. These labs are equipped with the necessary instruments and specimens for hands-on learning.

  • Library: A well-stocked library with a collection of medical textbooks, journals, and reference materials is an essential part of the infrastructure for research and study.

  • Auditorium: An auditorium may be present for larger gatherings, conferences, and seminars.

  • Hospital Facilities: The associated hospital has various departments and wards for different medical specialties, such as surgery, medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, and more.

  • Medical Equipment: Modern medical colleges and hospitals are equipped with advanced medical equipment, including diagnostic and treatment tools like X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, surgical instruments, and more.

  • Hostel Accommodation: Many medical colleges provide hostel facilities for students, especially those who come from out of town or from distant places.

  • Faculty and Staff Offices: Offices for faculty and administrative staff are part of the infrastructure to support the functioning of the institution.

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