Cradle A Play School

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Cradle A Play School
The Cradle A Play School KK Singh Colony

Cradle A Play School In a world where technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, it's essential to prepare the youngest minds for the future they'll inherit. Enter the Kids' Play School, a pioneering educational institution that marries traditional play-based learning with cutting-edge technology to foster creativity, critical thinking, and digital literacy in children from an early age.

Located in a vibrant community where innovation thrives, this play school stands out as a beacon of progressive education. Here, children aged 3 to 6 embark on a journey of discovery where every toy, game, and activity is infused with elements of modern technology. From interactive touch screens to programmable robots, every corner of the play school offers opportunities for hands-on exploration and learning.

The curriculum at Kids' Play School is carefully designed to balance the timeless joys of childhood play with the demands of the digital age. In the morning, children might engage in imaginative play with traditional toys like blocks and dolls, fostering social skills and creativity. As the day progresses, they transition to more technology-driven activities, such as coding games that teach basic programming concepts in a playful manner or virtual reality simulations that transport them to far-off lands and historical epochs.

One of the key features of this play school is its emphasis on experiential learning. Rather than passively consuming information, children are encouraged to experiment, tinker, and problem-solve collaboratively. For instance, during a science lesson, they might use tablets to conduct virtual experiments, predicting and observing the outcomes in real-time. Similarly, in art class, they might explore digital painting tools to create multimedia masterpieces limited only by their imagination.

Facility @ Cradle

  • Acitivity Based Learning
  • Experienced and trained Faculty
  • International Education System 
  • Mind Room with LED TV
  • Student teachers ratio is 15:1

Address: Plot 1224 K.K Singh Colony, opposite Dr. Munshi Clinic, Chira Chas, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand 827013
Phone: 091231 71412

Moreover, the faculty at Kids' Play School are not merely instructors but facilitators of learning. Trained in both early childhood education and modern technology, they serve as guides, nurturing each child's unique interests and abilities. Through personalized attention and ongoing assessment, they ensure that every child reaches their full potential, mastering essential skills while cultivating a lifelong love of learning.

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