Yamnotri Dham

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Yamnotri Dham

Yamunotri Dham

Yamunotri Dham is a sacred pilgrimage site located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, India. It is revered as the source of the Yamuna River, one of the holiest rivers in Hinduism. Pilgrims visit Yamunotri to pay homage to the goddess Yamuna and take a holy dip in the icy waters of the Yamuna River.

Key Information about Yamunotri Dham


  • State: Uttarakhand, India
  • Altitude: Approximately 3,293 meters (10,804 feet) above sea level
  • Coordinates: 31.0176° N, 78.4481° E

Historical and Religious Significance

  • Origin of Yamuna: Yamunotri is believed to be the place where the Yamuna River originates from the Champasar Glacier, located about 1 kilometer above the Yamunotri Temple.
  • Yamunotri Temple: The main attraction is the Yamunotri Temple, dedicated to Goddess Yamuna. The temple is one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites and is considered highly auspicious by Hindus.
  • Legends: According to Hindu mythology, the sage Asit Muni, who resided here, used to take bath in both Ganga and Yamuna daily. However, as he grew older, it became difficult for him to reach Gangotri. So he began to worship Yamuna in place of Ganga. Lord Shiva blessed him with Ganga residing with Yamuna at the spot and that bathing in Yamuna would cleanse off one's sins.


  • Design: The Yamunotri Temple follows traditional North Indian temple architecture, with a simple yet elegant structure made of stone and wood.
  • Structure: The temple houses a small sanctum sanctorum (garbhagriha) where the idol of Goddess Yamuna is enshrined, along with a larger assembly hall (sabha mandap) for devotees to offer prayers.
  • Materials: Built of white granite, the temple is adorned with intricate carvings and sculptures depicting Hindu deities and mythological scenes.

Pilgrimage and Rituals

  • Opening and Closing: The temple is open to pilgrims from late April or early May to early November, coinciding with the Hindu calendar and weather conditions. During the winter months, the temple remains closed due to heavy snowfall.
  • Special Festivals: Major festivals celebrated at Yamunotri include Yamuna Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Goddess Yamuna, and Akshaya Tritiya, considered auspicious for starting new ventures and pilgrimages.
  • Rituals: Devotees perform various rituals and prayers, including offering prayers and abhishekam (ritual bath) to the sacred idol of Goddess Yamuna.

Surrounding Attractions

  • Surya Kund: A natural thermal spring near the temple, where pilgrims traditionally cook rice and potatoes to offer as prasad (offering) at the temple.
  • Divya Shila: A large rock pillar near the temple, worshipped as a divine entity associated with the origin of the Yamuna River.
  • Kharsali: A nearby village known for its ancient temples and scenic beauty, including the Shani Dev Temple and the Bhairav Temple.

Travel and Accessibility

  • Nearest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun, approximately 200 kilometers from Yamunotri.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Dehradun Railway Station, around 175 kilometers away.
  • Road Connectivity: Yamunotri is accessible by road from major cities like Dehradun, Rishikesh, and Haridwar. Pilgrims can travel by bus, taxi, or private vehicle to reach the temple town. The road journey offers stunning views of the Himalayas and the Yamuna Valley.

Tips for Pilgrims

  • Preparation: Due to the high altitude and cold weather, pilgrims should carry warm clothing, rain gear, sturdy footwear, and any necessary medications.
  • Health Considerations: Those with health issues, particularly respiratory or heart conditions, should consult a doctor before making the pilgrimage, as the altitude can be challenging.
  • Accommodation: Limited accommodation is available in Yamunotri, including guest houses and dharamshalas. Booking in advance is recommended during peak seasons.
  • Respect the Customs: Pilgrims should follow local customs and guidelines, including maintaining cleanliness and respecting the sanctity of the temple and its surroundings.

Visiting Yamunotri Dham is a spiritually uplifting experience, offering devotees a chance to connect with the divine and seek blessings from Goddess Yamuna while enjoying the serene beauty of the Himalayas.

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